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J Mascis Live at CBGB’s

J Mascis Live At CBGB's: The First Acoustic Show

Performed by J Mascis
Remote Engineer: John Harris
Design - Julie Vlasak
Cover & Inside Photos - Ebet Roberts Disc & Inside Inlay photo - Michael Mohney
Inlay Outside photo - Courtesy of CBGB

J Mascis and Matt Dillon

J Mascis & Matt Dillon after J’s first acoustic show at CBGB Dec 1993

Track List

  1. What Else Is New
  2. Thumb
  3. Keeblin’
  4. Not You Again
  5. Flying Cloud
  6. Every Mother’s Son  (Lynyrd Skynyrd)
  7. Not The Same
  8. Throw Down
  9. Get Me
  10. Quest
  11. On The Run  (Greg Sage)
  12. Repulsion


J Mascis Live at CBGB was J’s first ever live Acoustic Performance! Recorded live at CBGB, New York, NY December 1993.

#2 (Thumb) first issued on CBGB 20th Anniversary.

Press Release:

“My first ever acoustic performance, and I’m a little freaked out.” With those words, then-Dinosaur Jr. frontman J Mascis kicked off the show on this live set (recorded in December 1993), in which the man who’d made his name with bludgeoning volume and über-heavy electric guitar freakouts quietly stripped his songs down to their framework for an evening.

While Mascis would get more comfortable with such things over the passage of time, for a first-time gig in an unfamiliar format, Live At CBGB’s sounds surprisingly confident and coherent. Presented in their simplest form, Mascis’ songs display a tuneful elegance that sometimes gets lost when pumped through a stack of Marshalls (especially “Not the Same,” “What Else Is New,” and “Keeblin'”), and while on the first few numbers he tends to overemphasize the natural drawl in his voice, by the end of the show Mascis is in admirable form as both a guitarist and a singer.

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