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Free So Free

Free So Free

J Mascis - everything else
Tony Jarvis - keyboards on 2 + 5
Don Depew - slide on 2 + 5
John Petrovic - vocals on 3, 4, 6
Dan Mcglaughlin - keyboards 8
Mark Klein - Percussion 7
Recorded at Bob's Place
Engineered by Mark Allen Miller, Steve Revitte, Thom Monahan, Dan Depew
Miastared by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound
Mixed by John Agnello
Cover Paintings - Neil Blender
Inside Photos - Phillip Virus

J Mascis + The Fog – Free So Free

J Mascis Press Photo

J Mascis Press Photo

Track List

  1. Freedom
  2. If That’s How Its Gotta Be
  3. Set Us Free
  4. Bobbin
  5. Free So Free
  6. Tell the Truth
  7. Someone Said
  8. Everybody Lets Me Down [ Video  ]
  9. Say the Word
  10. Outside
  11. No Way *
  12. Alone (live) *

** Available on Japanese Release


The Pony Canyon version’s booklet comes with lyrics.

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