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Chocomel Daze

Chocomel Daze cover by Marq Spusta

J Mascis - Guitar, Vocals
Lou Barlow - Bass, Vocals
Murph - Drums

Cover, Artwork – Marq Spusta

Track List
  1. Severed Lips
  2. In a Jar
  3. The Lung
  4. Tarpit
  5. Does It Float
  6. Repulsion
  7. Lose
  8. Gargoyle
  9. Raisans
  10. Mountain Man
  11. Sludgefeast

** Also played at this show but not available on the release (November 1, 1987 – Doornroosje, Nijmegen, Netherlands)

  • a brief jam between “Gargoyle” and “Raisans”
  • Cats in a Bowl
  • Minor Threat (Minor Threat)

The album artwork is a twist on the You’re Living All Over Me cover that Maura Jasper did by Marq Spusta who did the Farm cover (among others).

Note from Lou Barlow on his forums – “we played so slow at this show..the version of lung was released before on a vera comp.. it was our second european tour and we were eating so much cheese and drinking so much chocomel that we were weighted down by the time we played.”

Release Announcement on Spin

The first song the reunited Dinosaur Jr. played in public, as David Peisner notes in his review of the stoney guitar heroes’ essential new record I Bet on Sky, was “The Lung.” Originally from 1987’s You’re Living All Over Me, the indie-rock trailblazers’ first masterpiece, the scruffy, jangling tempo-shifter has only a couple of playful, evocative lyrics, but it’s home to one of the most searing guitar solos of the era.

On November 19, to celebrate that album’s 25th anniversary, Merge is releasing Chocomel Daze (Live 1987), which comprises a rare recording of the classic Dinosaur line-up’s 1987 show at Dorrnroosje in Nijmegen, Netherlands. “The Lung” is also the first track streaming from the upcoming live album, and in a gloriously hard-hitting, scraggly rendition.

“We were young on our first Euro tour,” singer-guitarist-almost-Nirvana-member J. Mascis recalls of the show in a statement. “It was amazing to get hotels and food. We were treated a million times better than we were used to in the states. And only driving like 45 minutes a day to the next Dutch town. Good times.”

– via Spin.com

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